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Week #191 Results!!

We only had one participant for week #191 and it was the lovely imera
Thank you for your participation. Here is the story, please leave feedback!! Thanks!! :D

wk 191

Author: imera
Feedback: yes
Title: Herbs
Words: 495 words
Rating: G
Warnings: none

The war had changed Neville in many ways, giving him the courage he always wanted.

No longer scared, he decided to do something he dreamt of, working with plants. Plants were easier than animals, who he could never know how they would behave, and they were certainly easier than people. Finding people difficult to work with, he was surprised with his decision to apply for the position as a herbology professor.

Most of his fear was easily forgotten as he entered the school, the memories of his childhood adventures rushing back to him; it was the right place to be, he could feel it.

He learned fairly fast which of the students were interested in his class and which were not, and while he preferred the children to pay attention, he knew some would never care about plants.

Years passed, children came and went, moving onto something greater. Some continued with herbology after they graduated, while others kept it as a hobby, and then there were those who never cared, and would never care.

Slowly the children of those he knew attended school. It was a joy seeing them, seeing the similarities with their parents, as well as the differences, seeing which would be trouble and which wanted to learn. Some children he knew personally, like the Potter’s and Weasley’s, and was certain he could guess their houses even before they attended Hogwarts. Other he barely knew, but because of their parents he could guess their personalities and the houses they would end up in, like Malfoy.

However, even though he was right about some things, Scorpius Malfoy was not entirely like his father. He did resemble his father in more than looks, but he also had a strong interest in herbology, and he turned out to be one one of the best students in his class, alongside Rose, who took after her mother far more than her father. Scorpius continued to learn and grow, turning into a young man who knew what he wanted.

The day Scorpius approached him after class was one of the strangest, but at the same time proudest days of Neville’s years as a professor.

“You are one of the best professors I’ve had, as well as influential, and I wonder if you might write me a letter of recommendation for a project the Ministry is hosting. They are planning to visit South America in search for plants which might be useful for potions.”

He was one of the best and most eager, eager to learn and to explore, and he deserved a chance at the position just as much as anyone else.

“It would be my pleasure,” Neville said, repaying Scorpius’ smile as the boy received the answer he was looking for. Knowing there was at least one young student who respected him and thought a letter from him was helpful, Neville could go to bed that evening knowing he, a herbology professor, left an impression on a student.
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